Dear Plane Jane,

I am a chronic over-packer. I cannot resist packing for every seasonal temperature my destination is known to experience in a calendar year! The travel pack has really helped sort me out. I no longer stash an entire apothecary of hand creams in my carry-on for just-in-case. I fill the wee containers with six different things et voila! I’m through the check in like a film star!

Gratefully Yours,


Dear Plane Jane,

My granddaughter gave me one of your travel packs and I am so very pleased. I am very particular about the products I use because so many of the items at the chemist are full of toxins, which are bad for us and bad for the environment. I am faithful to a range of products that have no harmful chemicals. I can now take them with me on flights to medical conferences in the special travel pack without fear that they will not fit the customs safety regulations. Thank you for your fabulous product.

Dr. Margaret Brennan

Plane Jane Flight Wares
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Dear Plane Jane,

Living in Europe, I'm lucky enough to be able to snag some cheap flights on Ryanair, but they absolutely gouge you to check anything in, so I'm a big fan of carrying everything on with me and Plane Jane fits the bill perfectly! I used my lovely kit last weekend to go from Zurich to Amsterdam and back, and my Plane Jane kit made the X-ray screening process go so smoothly - it's fabulous.

Kristy from Germany


Dear Plane Jane,

I just wanted to express my thanks and tell you how impressed I am with my new Plane Jane eye mask. My order was delivered quickly and you even threw in a free luggage tag! The mask is so soft and comfy. I can’t wait to use it ...  I am sure I’ll be back to buy more of your products in the future.

Best of luck and many thanks!
Sadie (Linda) Pascoe — Berri, South Australia

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