Be Treated Like a Tourist, Not a Terrorist!

Plane Jane insists travel is all about excitement and glamour. It is about the journey AND the destination. Plane Jane’s travel packs include the regulation sized 100ml bottles to get you through ANY international airport security checkpoint.

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Meet Plane Jim... Plane Jane’s latest and greatest addition to the team!

Did you ever pack your bag with your important bits and pieces, then regret you didn’t pack that lotion or hair product you’ve now found you can’t live without? Have you had enough of leaky bottles in the bottom of your bag? Are your favourite toiletries where you aren’t? Then these Travel Pack’s are for you!

Plane Jim... The man to keep you flying high when you have both feet firmly on the ground!

Plane Jim Travel Wares
Plane Jim Travel Wares

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Plane Jane was created to take all the worry and hassle out of your dash through international security check points the world over, with these regulation sized 100ml bottles in a regulation sized 1 Litre capacity clear plastic travel bag. Now compulsory and essential for any discerning international traveller.

Plane Jane Travel Wares Plane Jane Travel Wares
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Plane Jim Travel Wares