Going away is exciting, but we all need to attend to everyday matters prior to travel. Print this check list to help you on your merry way. And remember... don't leave anything to the last minute!

  • Cancel / suspend subscription to favorite glossy magazines or newspapers
  • Suspend or re-direct mail delivery. We don’t want those love letters going astray
  • Have the gutters cleaned if you’re away for a while. Water is not always your friend!
  • Turn off your washing machine taps (and anything else that could leak)
  • Set timers to switch house lights on/off in your absence
  • Be green and save $$. Don’t leave anything plugged in that won’t be used
  • Check house security – that includes windows too
  • Clear your fridge of anything that isn’t Champagne, Wine, Beer or other non-perishable items
  • Take the garbage out (and have someone else bring the bin in while you’re away)
  • Boring but necessary – make 2 copies of your passport.  Pack one in hand-carry (not in the same Place as your passport please) and give one copy to a trusted friend at home
  • Give a key to a friend or neighbour and make sure they know how to reach you in an emergency
  • Tell your bank or credit card issuer you’re going overseas.  Financial types are alert to ‘unusual’  spending patterns and you don’t want them questioning yours at a crucial spend moment!
  • Make sure your bank/credit card issuer knows your mobile number. No use them ringing you at home!
  • Do you know your credit card pin numbers?  This might be the only way to get cash locally
  • Have you purchased foreign currency? Travellers cheques?
  • Need meds? Get prescriptions filled in plenty of time and don’t pack them in your checked baggage.  You might want a spare Plane Jane travel bag to carry them in?
  • Take a prescription with you if you’ll need more while you’re away
  • Don’t forget contact lens solution if you need it
  • An arm covered with a Band Aid is not a good look.  Get your immunization’s early if you need them
  • DVT socks are not a good look either but neither is deep vein thrombosis. Buy socks, pack in hand luggage and wear them on long flights.
  • Will your mobile phone work at your destination? Sort this out before you leave Oz please otherwise how can we call or text you?
  • Did we mention visas? It’s your responsibility to keep up-to-date with visa regs
  • No use having all your contact numbers in your mobile phone if it then gets lost.  Keep a printed copy of those “must have” details somewhere safe
  • Aussie plugs don’t work everywhere. Buy an adaptor or two to keep your hair straightener and i-Pod fully charged and performance-ready!
  • You don’t want anyone tampering with your luggage but did you know that if you travel to the USA checked bags must be left unlocked or, secured with a TSA recognized baggage lock?
  • Label checked-in luggage clearly and, in more than one place. Use your Plane Jane baggage tag and buy more if you need them.  Add airline booking reference number to final address details. It’s so very helpful to airline staff trying to marry you to any misdirected bags
  • Veggie? On a diet? Need special food in-flight? Tell your airline or travel agent ahead of time
  • Take some food to snack on too – especially if it’s a long flight.
  • Dress in comfortable layers for the journey.  Cabin temperature is at the mercy of the cabin crew
  • Even if you travel at the sharp end of the plane do remember to pack your i-pod or whatever will keep you amused during the flight – it’s probably going to be a long one
  • Pack a lightweight change of clothing in hand baggage.  Looking fresh at the end of a flight is sooo liberating.  You’ll feel more awake too – even if you’re not!
  • Your Plane Jane kit contents will keep you moisturized during the flight and you can freshen up and spritz regularly. Note to self – keep kit handy throughout flight

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